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What Makes a Good Tenant?

Oct 24, 2017

Category: Landlording, Property Management

There is a lot of competition among renters for quality apartments and rental houses. Landlords are looking for the best tenants. If you know what makes a good tenant and the desirable characteristics that landlords are looking for, you will have a better chance of...

How to Become a Property Manager

Oct 11, 2017

Category: Property Management

Are you looking for a new career? Are you sick of being worked to death by a rotten boss? Do you want to leave your old life behind and make a fresh start? You should become a property manager. Becoming a property manager is a rewarding career opportunity. There are...

Best Time of Year to List Your Rental

Oct 5, 2017

Category: Landlording, Property Management

In real estate, there are many lines of thought about when the best time of year is to list a home for sale. In general, spring is the season of choice for most agents. As it turns out, this way of thinking can also benefit landlords and anyone else who owns or...

Transferring Utilities to New Tenants

Sep 20, 2017

Category: Landlording, Property Management

Your prospective tenant has completed the application process. They've been approved, the lease has been signed and the keys have been handed over. It looks like you are all set to back away and enjoy the cash flow! Not quite. There is still at least one more thing...

Top 8 Places to List & Advertise Your Rental Property

Sep 18, 2017

Category: Uncategorized

Every good property manager knows that marketing is a big part of the job. When your rental property is empty, you have to find good tenants to fill it quickly before you begin to lose money. Once upon a time, advertising rental properties meant sticking a sign in the...

10 Tips On Becoming a Landlord

Sep 4, 2017

Category: Landlording

Becoming a landlord can be a wonderfully rewarding and prosperous experience, but it is not without its trials and tribulations. While you will learn so much on the job once you start searching for tenants and allowing them to move into your property, you never want...

How to Find the Best Property Manager

Aug 28, 2017

Category: Property Management

How To Choose A Property Management Company If you've been a landlord for any amount of time, you will realize that no two tenants are the the same. You'll get some great tenants that you would do almost anything to keep. But you will also get the problem tenants that...

Top Property Management Software for 2017

Aug 25, 2017

Category: Property Management

Best Property Management Software in 2017 Gone are the days when we ran businesses with ledger books, calculators, a Rolodex and file cabinets. Today businesses are run electronically. Not only has this made businesses, including property management businesses, more...

Property Management Bookkeeping Basics

Aug 21, 2017

Category: Property Management

Managing rental properties full-time involves much more than simply collecting the rent and fixing the occasional broken toilet. Accounting for property management is one of those tedious tasks that are absolutely critical to successfully running a property management...

How to Do Rental Property Inspections

Aug 15, 2017

Category: Property Management

One of the primary ways that a property management company protects your real estate investments is by completing regular and thorough rental property inspections. A good inspection can make the difference between getting reimbursed for tenant damage and having to pay...

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