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Property Manager Job Description – What Do Oakland Property Managers Do?

Jul 26, 2017

Category: Property Management

Some investors and homeowners are on the lookout for help to manage their properties, and often seek the aid of a property manager. However, when you begin your search, you may be wondering what the Property Manager will actually do for you. This article is meant to...

Best Real Estate Investing Books

Jul 21, 2017

Category: Real Estate Investing

If you make learning a lifelong habit, it can pay you back in spades in your real estate investments. To become an expert in real estate investing (and make a lot of money in the process), you should be reading the best real estate investing books and blogs on a daily...

Should I Hire A Property Manager in Oakland? When To Pull the Trigger

Jul 14, 2017

Category: Property Management

Using a property manager Vs. Being A Landlord Yourself Many small-asset landlords or homeowners with 1 or 2 rental properties may wonder “should I hire a property manager?” While some think that hiring a property management company is a no-brainer, others may choose...

Property Management in Oakland

Feb 15, 2017

Category: Property Management

Property Management Services In Oakland and the Bay Area Do you own an investment property in Oakland or around the Bay Area and you wish to rent it out? Are you currently tired of handling the chores of being a landlord yourself? Or are you thinking about investing...

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