What Makes a Good Tenant?

What Makes a Good Tenant?

There is a lot of competition among renters for quality apartments and rental houses. Landlords are looking for the best tenants. If you know what makes a good tenant and the desirable characteristics that landlords are looking for, you will have a better chance of getting that great apartment of your dreams.

Put yourself in the landlord’s shoes. They went out and bought the rental that you want to lease. They probably have a pretty hefty mortgage on it as well. Now they are entrusting their pride and joy into your hands. They know all so well that a tenant can either take care of their investment or completely trash it. That property owner is going to go to great lengths to protect their investment. So, you need to prove that you are that person.

How Landlords Know if You are a Good Tenant

If you have rented before, then you will have created a track record that the landlord wants to examine. There are a couple of tricks that landlords have up their sleeves to find out who you are and what kind of tenant you will be. The landlord is going to follow up on these leads:

  • Credit Reports

  • Criminal Background Check

  • References

  • Work History

  • Prior addresses

This information is going to be provided on your rental application. You can be assured that your landlord, or their property manager, is going to turn over every stone to see if you are who you claim to be.

What do Landlords Look for in a Tenant?

There are some qualities and traits that landlords are looking for more than anything else. If you can incorporate these behaviors into your lifestyle, then you just may become that tenant that the landlord will bend over backwards to keep.

Good Tenants Pay the Rent Every Month

Paying rent in full and on time establishes trust. Your landlord needs to trust you. Paying your rent on time every month builds that trust. Plus, they are relying on your rent money as much as you are relying on your paycheck.

Good Tenants Take Care of the Rental

Tenants that treat their rental like they would their own house are dream tenants. A landlord knows that the carpet will wear out and that the walls will need to be repainted from time to time. What they do not want is for their property to look like a waste transfer station or a crack house.

Good Tenants Maintain Good Communication

You are the front line to maintaining their investment. Even if your landlord has a property manager working for them, you are the one that really knows what is going on with the property. If the deck is rotting or there is a leak under the kitchen sink, be a good tenant and let them know. Your landlord will be grateful that you are helping to keep the property in good shape. Also, when life deals you a bad hand, and it will let your landlord know what is going on and how you plan to get back on track.

Good Tenants Follow the Lease

Have you ever read a whole lease agreement? You should. Your landlord has put in there what they expect from you. One of the quickest ways to go from a good tenant to an eviction candidate is to break the lease. This includes items like lawn maintenance, trash collection, pets, noise levels and the number of occupants.


Good tenant qualities

To be honest, that rental application is not going to tell the landlord everything about you. Let the landlord get to know you a little bit. Share some stuff about yourself. While you are at it, work to develop these qualities – if you do not have them already – and then don’t be afraid to brag to the landlord a little about them.


A good tenant is responsible. They pay their bills on time. They take care of where they live. The condition of your car and when you arrive to work shows if you are responsible.


A good tenant shows respect. This means choosing the right words, keeping our temper in check and being kind to the neighbors. How loud you play your music or how long you party on the weekends lets everyone know your level of respect.


A good tenant doesn’t steal, lie or cheat their landlord. This includes being honest about when you paid the rent and how that hole got into the living room wall. Don’t start off on the wrong foot by lying on your rental application.


A good tenant is going to keep the inside and outside of their rental clean. This includes cleaning the kitchen appliances, taking out the trash and maintaining the exterior. Your landlord, or their agent, will stop by from time to time to inspect the property, living like a pig is always obvious.

How to Be a Good Tenant

If you want to be a good tenant, one that your landlord will brag about, then all you need to be is a good person. Work hard to pay your bills on time. Treat your apartment like it’s your house. Quickly let the landlord know if there is any damage to the unit. Be nice and considerate to your neighbors.

Tenant turnover is expensive and a real hassle. Your landlord wants to you stay as long as possible – that is if you are a good tenant with great qualities.





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