East Bay Property Management

Outstanding Co-Living Property Management in the East Bay

Proper management of your investment property is important for the protection of your income as well as the comfort and harmony of your residents. Prime Property Group, Inc. offers a suite of property management services in East Bay designed to take care of the day to day requirements of your building, providing full service maintenance, remodeling and management for your tenants. Let us deliver a seamless management through innovative technologies so that you can be assured that your investment is in good hands.

Do You Need Property Management in the East Bay?

Prime Property Group, Inc. specializes in property management in the East Bay and the Oakland area. Our team is highly experienced in providing both residential and commercial property management in East Bay and manage townhomes, single family and multi-family dwellings, apartment and condominiums. We seek to maximize the profits on your investment and ease the burden of residential property management in the busy East Bay area.

Convenient HOA Management in the East Bay

Management of a Home Owners Association (HOA) can be a difficult challenge. With a large number of property owners within your HOA, conflicts and other issues can be an ever present issue. Prime Property Group, Inc. provides management services for HOAs that provide the guidance and resolution processes that ensure fairness in dispute resolution, expert planning and budget analysis, consistent enforcement of covenants and restrictions as well as negotiate relationships with vendors and other third parties.

Expert Property Management Service in the East Bay

Oakland and the East Bay compose one of the most populated San Francisco Bay areas, and with the complex laws regarding property ownership, only the most robust property management services will suffice. Prime Property Group, Inc. is the one stop shop for all property management needs, so to find out how we can help you, email us today: jaime@primepropertypm.com

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