7 Ways to Attract Long-Term Tenants

Attract long-term tenants holding house key

It’s challenging for both long-term renters and reliable landlords to find each other in the real estate world. Bad apartments, nosy and demanding landlords, and careless tenants are the reality in this business, so making the right match can be pretty tricky. If you’re renting a house or an apartment, there are chances you’re looking for tenants who will stay there for a long time, take good care of the property and understand their rights and responsibilities. However, there are things you need to provide them as well, and this guide will help you be the landlord every great tenant is looking for. Here are the best 7 ways to attract long-term tenants and ensure a consistent rental income.

1. Be welcoming, not suspicious 

Handing over the keys of your rental to strangers is never easy. However, being skeptical and hostile will not get you anywhere. Show a friendly face to the people you meet as potential tenants, ensuring they won’t have any issues with you. Indeed, clarifying responsibilities and rules is necessary, but it needs professionalism. It’s always great to give your tenants a warm welcome, offer to help, introduce them to neighbors and maybe even give a special welcome gift. These small steps will build a positive relationship with your new tenants, ensuring they stay for long.

Handing over the key after a tenant rented the property.

Make sure you’re a friendly landlord to attract long-term tenants.

2. Do all the necessary repairs 

Long-term tenants care about the condition of the place they are about to make their new home. Someone who won’t stay longer will also not care about such things, as they are looking for a short-term solution to their housing situation. That’s why you should access the property and do all the necessary repairs, even the smallest ones. A leaking faucet, cracked window, squeaky cabinet doors, or a loose door handle – these minor issues may diminish the chances of long-term tenants choosing your property. Do all the necessary repairs before you invite people to see the place to keep the image of a well-maintained property.

3. Increase the security 

People looking for long-term rentals are usually families with kids, and security is their top priority. Attract long-term tenants by increasing the security levels of the property. That can include a couple of steps, such as installing a smart lock and security cameras, improving the lighting both inside and outside the property, and securing any suspicious windows or doors. Tenants will highly appreciate that and look no further for a better home.

4. Improve the kitchen 

The kitchen is an essential room in the house, especially for people looking for a long-term home. That’s why doing some upgrades won’t cost you a lot but can bring rewards. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen cabinets, replacing handles and knobs, adding some exciting décor pieces, or an intelligent organization or storage solution. These upgrades are relatively easy to do and can give a whole new look to the kitchen space and make it more attractive for tenants. 


Landlord showing a kitchen to a potential tenant.

The kitchen is one of the essential features of every home – make the most out of it.

5. Make the place squeaky clean 

Nothing says a better welcome than the smell of a freshly cleaned home. If you had tenants before, it’s best to get professional cleaning services to refresh the space after they leave. Also, seasonal cleaning sessions by a pro will ensure the property stays in better shape for a long time, and quality tenants will surely appreciate it.  Also, when potential tenants see the place like that, they are expected to keep it that way. People who take good care of their homes are looking for a clean rental maintained well by the landlord. 

Bonus tip: If you rent a furnished property, ensure the furniture and other items don’t make it look smaller and more cluttered. Cleaning the property is a perfect chance to declutter and eliminate things that eat up the space. Allstate Moving and Storage experts suggest having a storage unit that will be useful for furniture that doesn’t fit the property or items your tenants don’t need. Discuss this with your tenants before they move in, and offer to remove some of the pieces if they already have some of their things.

6. Make it a great deal 

Tenants that are looking for a long-term home will be careful about their finances. For that reason, such tenants will be attracted to a great deal when they are looking to rent a new home. That’s why landlords should consider some incentives they can offer to potential tenants to make them stay longer. You can submit a discount after a certain number of rents, a rent-free month or 50% off the last month of the year, or even free yearly cleaning services for the whole property. Even though this may not seem like a good deal for you at first, it certainly pays off as you’ll have good quality tenants for a long time. Finding new tenants after a while can cost you much more than the incentive you offer them, so it’s a trick to consider. 

7. Respect the privacy of your tenants 

After a warm welcome, maintain the image of a good landlord and have a good relationship with them. It’s important to respect your tenant’s privacy, as well as their rights. Don’t show up unannounced, as making them uncomfortable will only make them wish they leave soon. Being a good landlord creates a perfect balance between privacy and responsiveness. Don’t cross the line, yet be there for all their issues, questions, and requests. Keeping this relationship friendly and professional is the key to ensuring your tenants stay as long as possible. 

There are several aspects of renting a property – pay attention to them for better results.

There are several aspects of renting a property – pay attention to them for better results.

Final words

Apart from renting a spacious property in a convenient location, it takes more to attract long-term tenants. Landlords often forget their part of this deal, forgetting that they need to make some effort to present the place and create a positive relationship with their tenants. Hopefully, these tips will help you find the people that will love your property and make it their home for the years to come.






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