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Not having your own property can have its difficulties, such as not being able to decide on major changes without consulting the landlord. But safety is a concern every single human being has. Even though you can't make a complete makeover of a property, there are a lot of things you can do as a renter to make your home safe. Here are some security tips for renters to help you provide safety to your family.

Bring cookies to Mrs. Smith 

Every building or neighborhood has a curious 'Mrs. Smith' who knows even if a fly enters the building. It's good to have that person on your side. So, don't be lazy, and bring the cookies and a juicy story to your nosy neighbor, and you'll have a decent and free security base. To be familiar with your neighbors is equivalent to having smart security cameras throughout your building. Neighbors familiar with one another are more likely to keep a lookout for suspicious activities and notify others if they see anything unusual.





Take care of your door locks

Hopefully, your apartment already has a lock installed, but if it does not, be sure to install one as soon as possible (with your landlord's consent) after you move in. If possible, include this in your rental agreement. In addition, request that your landlord update the ordinary locks on your door. The number of duplicate keys out there is unknown, and you'd want to be absolutely certain that you're the only one who has access to your apartment (and your landlord should give a warning before using their keys to enter an apartment). Additionally, installing extra door locks, such as chain locks or a door reinforcement lock, is an excellent method to ensure that your apartment remains safe while you are away from it.


A door security bar will protect your home

When it comes to apartment living, a door jammer is an excellent security tool. The majority of them are simple to install and remove and do no harm to doors. It is also not prone to lock bumping, lock picking, or having duplicate keys circulating about the office. Sliding door locks are ideal for providing additional security to sliding doors on your balcony or patio. You can even get a jammer for your front door that doubles as a heavy-duty doorstop to use on your front porch. The majority of door jammers are also portable, so you can take them with you on vacation.

Keep your business private

It's frightening to imagine, but many burglars "search around" for nice pickings before settling on a location to burglarize and commit their crime. One of the most effective ways to keep your home off the top of their list is to conceal the evidence by covering those windows with shades and drapes. Keep them closed while you aren't at home or when it is dark outside. Closed horizontal blinds should always be angled such that people cannot see through the tiny spaces between the slats. Keep in mind that when your lights are turned on at night, and your blinds are open, it's as if you're playing on a brilliantly lit stage in a dark auditorium: your outside audience can see everything you do!




Obtain renters insurance coverage

In spite of all of the safety measures you may have taken, tragic occurrences may still ensue. It's a smart idea to protect your investment with renters insurance. Renters' insurance is quite different than your landlord's insurance, which only protects the structure you reside in. It will cover personal property such as:

●        furniture,

●        electrical devices 

●        clothes

●        damages caused by a burglary or natural catastrophe.

It also assists in the coverage of liabilities and medical expenses in the event that a guest is injured in your flat. Obtaining renters' insurance is on top of the list of things people forget to do when they move to a new city. So, be smart and take advice from professional movers. Be sure to make a list of everything you should do and have a list with you at all times.

Installing cameras is a good investment

Adding a security camera to your apartment's security monitoring system might be a surprisingly inexpensive upgrade. You might think that cameras are insufficient without a complete security system. Nonetheless, there are several independent cameras that can transmit a live stream right to your smartphone. It will allow you to keep an eye on your apartment from anywhere.

Consider smart doorbells too

Smart doorbells are also highly recommended. They allow you to securely converse with individuals at the door without having to open the door. Most security cameras and smart video doorbells have useful standard features such as:

●        motion detection

●        night vision

●        two-way communication

Final step - full security system

Drilling holes in apartments is often frowned upon. It also might have a negative impact on your ability to have your whole security deposit returned. That's why many tenants believe that their apartment security system is limited to a pyramid of cans in front of their door. Fortunately, this isn't the situation. When it comes to wireless alarm systems, glue is used to secure the door and window sensors in place, and you can monitor them from your smartphone.




Many apartment security systems also have freestanding sirens (instead of a bulky keypad and a siren that mounts on the wall). You can use them to notify you of issues and frighten away intruders if necessary. In addition, having a security system in your flat might result in cheaper renters insurance premiums.

Apply one or more home security tips for renters

There are many benefits to following these directions. Your family will be safe, and you won't have to look over your shoulders all the time. Most of your security possibilities depend on your financial resources. But, be sure to apply at least one of these home security tips for renters to enter the new chapter of your life, sure of your safety.

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