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How to Create a Rental Property Business Plan

September 8, 2023


Check out our guide on creating a rental property business plan to prepare for your investment venture into real estate!

How to Increase Your Rental Income Tips for Landlords


Check out our guide on how to increase your rental income: tips for landlords and improve the profitability of your rental property!

Mistakes Landlords Make When Renting Out Their Properties


The lack of proper tenant screening is a critical mistake that landlords frequently make, often leading to numerous issues down the line.

Redfin Feature

July 7, 2023


Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in!

Understanding the Real Estate Market Cycles

June 29, 2023


Gain valuable insights into the dynamic nature of the real estate market cycles and learn how to navigate them successfully.

Best Practices for Resolving Tenant Disputes

June 16, 2023

Category: Resolving tenant disputes

Sometimes you need to deal with tenant disputes to run your rentals in peace. To make this easier, we’ve prepared a guide on the best practices for resolving tenant disputes for you!

Simplifying Rental Property Ownership: The Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

May 9, 2023


The benefits of hiring a property manager are a long list. Property managers not only maximize your investment but simplify your rental property ownership.

5 Things Every Landlord Should Know About Fair Housing Laws


A piece of legislation called the Fair Housing Act exists to promote equality in local communities nationwide. The Fair Housing Act was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson on April 11th, 1968.

Maximizing Your Investment: How Professional Property Management Can Boost Your Rental Income

April 26, 2023


All property owners want one thing – to generate higher revenue while lowering their costs. There are various strategies they can do to make this happen. But, the best way to maximize your investment is by enlisting the help of a property manager. Below are many ways professional property management can make your rental business profitable.

What Features In a Home Will Renters Pay More For?

April 18, 2023


What features in a home will renters pay more for? Have the trends changed? What's new on the market? Find out.

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