What Questions Should I Ask a Property Management Company?

Getting the right property management company is vital to ensure you get the most from your rental property. It is crucial to do your research before hiring a manager. Property management is a fast-paced business, so you need to look for a manager with the right qualities. 

Creating a list of questions to ask potential property managers is a good idea. Following are some questions you should ask a property management company.



How Do You Communicate?



Good communication is a vital part of any strong relationship between you and your property manager. It would help to ask the manager how often and through which portals you can expect to get information. 


Technology offers an excellent opportunity to communicate effectively. Most companies use online communication to keep their clients well informed about their property. The manager should be ready to respond to your questions and messages right away.



How Do You Screen Tenants?



Find out how the property manager chooses tenants. Tenant screening is vital for ensuring that you identify and retain the right tenants. Ensure you understand the leasing process and how they will market your property and evaluate applications. 


Obtain a copy of the rental criteria and ask for the details included in the screening. Ask how they comply with federal, state, and local housing laws. 



What Services Do You Offer?



You need to find a property management company that will meet your goals. Find out what services they offer and how they will manage your property. You need to confirm that the company can provide the best maintenance and conduct inspections as required. 

The managers should have the skills and resources to conduct in-depth background checks. Please find out how they determine the rent amount for each property and how they collect the rent. 



How Will the Company Save You Money?



When choosing a property manager, you should find out what you stand to gain from the service. Ask how hiring a manager will save you money. The right property manager will ensure that your expenses are kept low. 


It includes limiting vacancies, retaining tenants, and keeping emergency maintenance costs low. Enquire how the company deals with tenant damage and the steps they take to maximize your property value. 



What Are the Management Fees?



When looking for a property management company, you will get a wide range of quotes and various pricing models. It can be confusing, especially if you have no experience dealing with property managers. 


Remember, quality services are not cheap; hiring quality staff takes money. It would be best if you were cautious of significantly low prices. Ask for a service plan or breakdown of the fees to know what to expect. 



What Experience Does the Company Have?



Ask about the experience that the property manager has and their track record. Please find out how long they have been in business and how many rental units they currently manage. Ask if the manager is active in the real estate industry and how well they understand the market. Find out if they have enough staff and how they handle maintenance issues.


Asking the right questions will help ensure you get the best property management company. Choose a company that can offer more than what you get from the competition.


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