Navigating HOA Rules and Regulations for Rental Property Owners

As a homeowner, you have the right to decide to live in your home or rent it out to someone. The American Homeowners Association has a variety of rules and regulations for renting out a property. You must follow them if your property is governed by the local HOA or Homeowner Association. Below are the details to consider if you are considering becoming a rental property owner. 



Rules That May Come From Your HOA



You are the owner of the home that you wish to rent out. This means that you are not excused from your HOA’s rules and regulations. You should follow the standards designed to protect your community’s well-being. Part of the rules is to set boundaries for what renters can and cannot do. Here are a few of the HOA rules and regulations to consider as a landlord:


As the homeowner, you must tell the renter to follow the HOA rules and rental agreement. Renters are temporary members of the association. This is a solid reason for them to follow the rules that apply to all homeowners. You should give your renters a copy of the HOA rules. Your renters must follow them as you do. Present these rules to your renters so that their transition into your community will be as smooth as possible.


The arrangement becomes formal when the tenants sign the rental agreements. The signed document means the tenant accepts the rules. The contract must contain your emergency contact information. 


You must remind the renter to submit requests to the HOA board. But the requests must go through you, the landlord, first. You will then communicate the request to the HOA board. The board may set up a standard request procedure for renters. These requests must be in black and white. 


Rental restrictions are there to limit the number of renters in the community. Most HOAs do not like renters in the community. This is because the presence of renters can disrupt the local way of life. The restrictions include the number of units that homeowners may lease out or how long the tenants can stay in a property. 



HOA Reminders That Apply to Property Owners



The HOA maintains the community. Renters are members of the community, so they have important rules to follow. That is why only approved renters can join the community. Of course, homeowners want renters who will be responsible for the property while they stay there. You should be aware of the HOA regulations before renting out your property. Here are two basic reminders that apply to property owners before renting out their property:


  • Review the federal, local, and state laws that involve tenants and landlords. 
  • Check and understand the HOA’s governing documents. These bylaws include HOA renter policies and restrictions in renting out your property.


Following the HOA rules and regulations is crucial in securing a smooth relationship between the renter and your HOA.

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