How To Prepare Your Rental Property For Fall

A lot of yellow and orange leaves

In this article, we will give you tips on how to prepare your rental property for fall

With fall approaching quickly, it's time for all rental property owners to start the necessary preparations. It's essential to make sure your property looks good and presentable so you can attract more tenants. Fall is a specific season and requires particular arrangements to be made. Many experienced renters probably know this already, but some might need help preparing their property. Those new rental property owners that are just starting out are definitely going to need some guidelines. So in this article, we will teach you how to prepare your rental property for fall. We will inform you about all the necessary organizing, cleaning, and planning you need to do on your property before fall comes, so your property is in good shape for all future guests.

A roof with rain falling down. When beginning to prepare your rental property for fall it is recommended to start from the outside

Never try to pressure wash your roof without the help of professionals because you can easily damage it

Prepare your rental property for fall-Start with the roof

The best approach to these preparations is to start from the outside. So the first thing on your checklist should be the roof. If your roof is not in a terrible condition and just has some minor issues, then you might be able to take care of it yourself. That will require just unclogging the gutters if necessary and some light cleaning. But if you didn't maintain your roof correctly for a long time, you might have to turn to professionals for this.

More and more people hire a professional cleaning company to pressure wash their roofs and perform the needed repairs. This is because if you tried to pressure wash your roof yourself, there is a high possibility that you will damage it instead. First of all, you will need the necessary tools for power washing. Additionally, working on the roof can be dangerous, and it might be best to leave that to professionals. It might seem a little pricey now but hiring a professional for this is worth it in the long run.

Mow the lawn

The next thing on your list should be taking care of the lawn. An unmown lawn can turn people away from your property. Generally, the first thing people see is the outside of your house, and that is the thing that's supposed to draw their attention. So you need to ensure your lawn is mowed, hedges are properly trimmed, and all plants are watered. Your home will look much more appealing with a tidy yard.

Organize your garage

If you have a garage, you know how important it is to keep it well organized. Don't leave the gardening tools and other supplies you used to maintain your yard scattered around. Put everything back in the garage, and your future tenants will surely appreciate you doing this. 

A yellow wall with two white windows

It will be much easier to clean your windows while it's still warm outside

Clean the windows

No one likes cleaning windows, but it's better to do it while it's still warm outside because when fall and winter come around, it'll be much harder to maintain them. Get the necessary supplies and clean them inside and out. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, this is a task you can do yourself. There is always an option of hiring a professional window cleaning company.

Get rid of excess stuff

Now that you are done with the exterior, you can focus on things inside the house. The first thing is to get rid of all the excess stuff you have inside. Tenants don't want to be in a home filled with your personal belongings (photographs, clothes, etc.) or a house cramped and hard to function in. So to ensure there is enough space for everything, you should consider renting storage. If you have somewhere else to relocate those things, that's great, but if you don't, the best solution is to rent a storage unit. You can find many affordable options and be calm, knowing your items are safe.

Check the plumbing

Having a nice decorated interior and exterior is essential but not as important as having good functioning plumbing in the house. No matter how good it looks, a rental property with no running water will not attract many tenants. So what you should do is regularly check your plumbing system. And if you notice an issue, you should immediately call a plumber. The sooner you deal with this issue, the better since untreated plumbing issues usually lead to larger and more expensive problems. The same goes for electricity and gas. It would be best if you did these checkups before every tenant arrives at the property.

A red fire alarm

You should always check if the alarms on your property are properly working.

Check the alarms

You should never skip this step because it can have devastating consequences for you and your tenants. Check all your property's alarms: carbon monoxide, smoke alarms, and security alarms. You don't want to risk a fire breaking out or someone burglarizing your property. This is a crucial step for your tenants' physical safety and your legal protection. And if you don't already have those alarms installed, now is the right time to improve your home security.

Prepare your tenants

There is one more important thing to do when attempting to prepare your rental property for fall. And that's preparing your tenants. First off, you need to equip the house with everything they will need to maintain your house themselves in the fall. If they stay for a few months, they will need gardening tools to keep the yard (rakes, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, etc.). Also, you must explain to them all the house rules they need to live by while in your home. You can tell them this in person, but you should also have it written in your contract.

In conclusion

Hopefully, these tips on how to prepare your rental property for fall were helpful to you. The main thing is to be efficient and deal with issues as soon as they arise. Putting things off for later can cause damage in the long run, especially financially. You must follow all the steps on this list and thoroughly check the inside and the outside of your home. When your house is well prepared, clean, organized, and has everything functioning perfectly, there is no doubt your tenants will be impressed.






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