Yard Maintenance Tips to Follow for This Spring

As winter turns to spring, people begin to think about spending more time in their yards. Let’s be honest, yard maintenance is often something we overlook over the winter months when it’s cold, wet, and uninviting outside. Instead, we can let jobs build-up meaning that there is more to tackle when the warmer weather starts to roll in. Fortunately, we know just what you need to do to get your yard in great shape for spring and summer! Here are our top yard maintenance tips to follow for this spring. 



Fence care and repairs



With colder temperatures combined with both wind and rain, it’s safe to say that winter isn’t a friend to fence panels and other yard infrastructure. Nevertheless, it’s important to check that your fence is in good condition, that posts and panels are secure, and that no repairs are needed. A failing fence can mean an unsecured boundary, and this can be worrying from both a security aspect and if you have animals that could get out. 


A simple visual check is usually enough, but if in doubt, give the panels and posts a gentle grab and wriggle to see if they have retained their strength during the inclement weather. If the fence shows any sign of weakness, it’s essential to repair it promptly to prevent further damage and expense. Materials are easy to purchase, but they can be cumbersome and the repairs themselves are not a DIY job for everyone, so it would be a good idea to get a property maintenance company in to carry out this work.


To keep your fence in the best condition, always ensure that it has a good coat of protective paint on it. This gives the wooden panels and posts an additional layer of defense against the elements, while also keeping your fence looking its best!!



Weed treatment and removal



A grassy lawn or clear patio area are garden features that everybody enjoys when the weather is nice, but weeds can often pop up and look unsightly. To get rid of them, head to a DIY store and purchase a weedkilling product. These are readily available and highly effective. If you have a lawn area, weed and feed products are a great option as they both destroy weeds whilst also renewing the health of your lawn. Once the weeds start to deteriorate, try and remove them by the root either by hand or with a weeding tool. When using weedkiller, always remember to check the label to ensure that the product that you choose won’t kill grass and flowers. You should also check that it is not toxic for any children or pets who will be in the garden.



Keep things hydrated



Warm weather, a lack of rain, and an abundance of direct sunlight are very bad for grassy areas, and once a lawn is yellowed and burnt, it can often be difficult to repair. With this in mind, make sure you water your grass regularly - in peak summer this means at least once a day. Don’t water in direct sunlight, but wait until the temperature drops and it starts to get towards dusk for the best results. If you see any signs of damage, use a lawn feed product to try and rejuvenate the area, and if any bare patches start to form, regular grass seed and plenty of watering could restore what has been lost.



Wash away the dirt and grime



When not in use, it’s easy for any concreted or brick-paved areas to become dirty and unattractive. The simplest solution is to use a hose or jet washer to clean concrete, brick, and even decking. If your yard has got extremely dirty, it may be wise to consider using a specialist cleaning product too. Jet washers can also be used to clean grubby gutters and window frames, and even plastic or metal garden furniture. 


For the best possible results, consult a property maintenance company that has the specialist equipment and skills to do a 5-star job of cleaning your yard.



Checking for blocked drains



Hopefully, by spring, the weather will be substantially drier, and this is the perfect time to head outside and ensure that any drains in your yard are working properly and free of blockages. During the winter, gutters and drains can get clogged with leaves and other debris, and the water backs up, it could mean that you are faced with a flooded yard or even damage to your home. 


If there is any sign of a blockage and it doesn’t look like something you can clear yourself, we recommend that you bring in the professionals. They will have the specialist equipment needed to carry out a thorough inspection, as well as to unclog and clean your gutters and drains as necessary. 


If you have any further questions or would like to know anything about the yard maintenance services we offer, visit Prime Property Group at our office in Oakland or Sacramento, California. You can call (510) 225-0470 or (916) 822-9655 today to schedule an appointment.






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