Tips for Protecting Your Rental Property During Cold Weather

Extreme weather conditions can cause severe damage to a building, endangering its occupants. These situations make rental properties particularly susceptible during the winter. During this weather, your tenants may spend most of their time indoors trying to keep warm.

Here are some things you should consider if you are a property owner.



Wall Insulation



Hollow walls are a common architectural trait in most countries that experience harsh winters. These cavities reduce the penetration of cold temperatures during the season. The space is critical since brick walls quickly lose heat during the winter.


If your property is void of this aspect, reinforce the walls by building a layer of insulation. It is advisable to put the additional renovation on the exterior of the building instead of the inside. If you happen to add this layer to the interior, you may lose up to seven inches of valuable space.



Check Pipes and Boilers



Water and drainage pipes can burst during winter due to blockages because of freezing. Insulate and wrap them in cladding to keep them frost-free. Start by focusing on those in problem areas, like those that run outside. If you locate frozen pipes during the winter, apply warmth using a hair dryer or hot water bottle.


For boilers, have a service crew check them before the beginning of the cold season. Try bleeding the radiators, as they will ensure that your building stays warm during winter.



Check the Roof and Gutters



Your roof has the specific job of protecting the interior from damage. During the previous seasons, leaves may fall and clog the gutters when they build up. The result is the redirection of water during the winter towards or into your home. Hidden leaks in the roof can degrade drywall, insulation, and structural beams. Inspecting this area of your home and clearing the gutter is vital. It protects your rental property in the winter.


Repair loose shingles and replace missing ones wherever possible. Consult a professional when you discover extensive damage that is beyond your expertise.



Inspect the Doors and Windows



During cold weather, heat tends to escape through small spaces in the frames of your doors and windows. Cold draughts may also sneak through the letterbox and other small cracks. These gaps can hike your electricity bills since you will need more heat to keep your home warm. Inspect your doors and windows to ensure no room for heat to escape.



Prune the Landscape



Ice can become heavy whenever snow lands on shrubs and trees in your rental property. These sag and even break the branches. They can cause extensive damage whenever they fall on people or buildings, destroying walls, windows, and roofs. As a safety measure, prune them in a way that will reduce any damage during the winter.



Sprinkler System



Most property owners overlook or neglect this small portion of real estate during cold weather. Snow can make water in the pipes freeze and clog. When springtime comes, they may malfunction and burst, leading to water damage in underground structures. Before the onset of winter, drain all the water from the sprinkler system.


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