Rental Market Trends In Sacramento


Whether you're a renter looking for a new home or a new landlord who's just decided to jump into the real estate business, doing some research is necessary before making any serious decisions regarding real estate. Even though there is a certain consistency in the rental world, there are also a couple of things that are always changing. Prices and demand will depend on several factors, and the ongoing pandemic has been great proof. To stay up to date with what's going on, you need to check out the current rental market trends in Sacramento so you can make the right decision regarding your housing situation.

Higher demand among San Francisco residents

The global pandemic has increased housing prices and the desire of many people to stay out of crowded places and purchase a house in a quiet suburb. This has created a trend of people moving away from San Francisco to a nearby peaceful alternative – and that's Sacramento. Just a two-hour drive away, Sacramento has become a standard option for people moving from San Francisco or San Jose. Another important reason for these relocations is undoubtedly the lower cost of living. Sacramento offers a more comfortable lifestyle to its residents, especially regarding the costs of renting or buying a house.

Rent prices

The cost of rent is one more aspect of rental market trends in Sacramento. Compared to the prices we had in 2021, the rental prices have grown by about 3-7%. This gives us the average price for a studio of $1,970, a one-bedroom apartment at $2,100, a two-bedroom apartment at $2,400, and a three-bedroom home of $2,900. Most commonly, you'll find homes priced at about $2,100, but Sacramento offers many different housing options. These prices are what attract people from San Francisco, where they need to pay twice as much for the same square footage.

Growth of prices in certain areas of the city

The reports on rental market trends in Sacramento show that some neighborhoods have been in demand a bit more these days. North Sacramento has experienced higher demand and a price increase of about 30%. Also, one of the most popular areas is certainly Downtown Sacramento, but also Land Park and North Oak Park. If you're not sure where to get a new home, it's best to visit some of the areas first, check out the lifestyle and local amenities, so you can decide if you can imagine yourself living in that part of the city.



The even lower vacancy rate

The vacancy rate in Sacramento has dropped below 3 percent. This means there are fewer homes for rent, which can be challenging if you're trying to find a new home. There are several reasons why this is happening. People find it more difficult to buy a house nowadays, so they opt for renting. Also, low rental prices and living costs attract more people from the bay. Finally, Sacramento is a great place to live, so it's no wonder why more and more people decide to call it their home.

Moving to Sacramento – what’s to know?

Looking for a new home and organizing the move can get complicated if you don't have a plan and miss some of the valuable tips we've got to share. When moving to Sacramento, you first need to organize your thoughts and make a plan for this fantastic venture. Think about your timeline, and list everything you need to do before the big day comes. Accurate dates for your obligations will help you set a pace to ensure everything is set when the moving day finally arrives. The more time you have, the easier it is to avoid stress when moving.

Find the best home

Don't just pick any rental in Sacramento you find online. Your new home should suit your lifestyle and budget and ensure you experience this city the best way possible. You should use more than one source of information when looking for the perfect rental. Ask people you know for recommendations, compare rental listing websites, use social media, and hire a real estate agent. Find a local expert who knows everything about the Sacramento rental market and who will be able to narrow the options to the rentals that fit your needs the best.

Know what you’re looking for

To be able to get what's best for you, make sure you decide on priorities first. List all the things you expect from a rental and decide on the budget. Don't waste time on homes that are not for you, but focus on your needs, and you'll find a home much faster. Focusing only on the appropriate homes will help you avoid typical renter's regrets or disappointment after falling in love with a place that's out of your budget.

Make your move as smooth as it gets

Trusting professionals doesn't only limit to finding an apartment. If you are coming in from out of state, for example, from California, for a long-distance move to Sacramento, your moving experience can be stress-free if you find the best people for the job. Research databases with only certified long-distance moving teams or ask family, friends, or coworkers for a recommendation. It's essential to pick a team of movers that knows Sacramento well, are reliable, and have multiple satisfied customers.

Put your winter clothes away

Experiencing Sacramento weather can depend on where you're coming from. In general, winters here are mild compared to other parts of the country. Also, summers are often quite humid and dry and can last a while. This is something to take into consideration when packing for the move. You probably don't need too many heavy jumpers and jackets, so it's best to put them away


Final words

Whether you're looking for a place to rent or if you're a landlord exploring the market to find tenants faster – being aware of the current rental market trends in Sacramento is essential. Getting the idea of what's happening in the world of rentals will help you get the most for the price or be the landlord of a property that's in demand among tenants.\







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